Dog poo bins hadn't been empied for weeks

Tony BaldwinAppledore Gardens, Lindfield

It was good to see the issue being raised in your article ‘Council responds to overflowing dog poo bins’ (August 23).

Councillor Gary Marsh must however win the prize for stating the obvious. He has quoted the frequency at which the councils contractor are ‘supposed’ to empty the bins. He hasn’t of course answered the question ‘why’ were all the bins in the area overflowing in recent weeks.

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Answer – because they clearly weren’t being emptied either once, twice or three times a week as per the contract with Serco!

As to why I am interested - we had an overflowing bin in the Scrace Valley reserve (the bin just off the Backwoods lane entrance). It clearly hadn’t been emptied for at least a week when my wife reported it using the internet site your article referenced.

It took a further week before it was emptied, and if the council dispute it I have the photos of the still overflowing bin on my phone to prove it!

So Councillor Marsh - how about answering why the bins weren’t being emptied in line with the frequency you gave the Mid Sussex Times?

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