Dual carriageway between Lewes and Polegate, but at what price?

What price Maria’s dual carriageway?

Saturday, 2nd March 2019, 2:05 pm
Updated Saturday, 2nd March 2019, 3:45 pm

The last time the experts put a price on a new dual carriageway between Lewes and Polegate, they set aside £6m to deal with protestors and £13m to ‘mitigate’ damage to the environment.

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield says the second bid for a new road is now ‘good value’, but won’t tell us how much it will cost.

Will the part-time urban shepherdess now tell us how much this second bid sets aside to make up for irreparable damage to our historic landscape?

And the exact number of minutes to be saved hurtling between traffic jams at Lewes and Eastbourne?

Bill Rogers,

Darp Lane