Employment is key to boosting Bognor

THE CURRENT grandiose plans for entertainment centre on the present Regis theatre site have same snags which is why many of us objected to the previous plans.

The St Modwen plans then for a new complex held no guarantee that a theatre would ever appear, only that one was included in the plans. Even if a theatre was built, Bognor would have been without one for at least five years.

This would have been unacceptable. I await clarification on any timescale for a new cinema complex, and at what stage a theatre would be included.

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Otherwise stick with the Picturedrome unless a guaranteed time scale for the various features are included.

Bognor regeneration will only occur if well-paid employment can be attracted to the town. We have lost Lec, Rosemount, and several smaller electronic companies that did employ highly-skilled and

well-paid staff (I was one of them).

Ken Wells

Bala Crescent,

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