EXHIBITION: The exhibition of Falmer Past is still on display in St Laurence Church. Some elderly members of the church who live in Bexhill and are now unable to attend services on a Sunday, were brought over to visit last week with their grandchildren to see the exhibition and one exhibition board specifically dedicated to their family. For the grandchildren, who live in France, it must have been so interesting to see pictures of their great grandparents.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 5:00 am
Falmer news

THE POND: Walking round the pond I saw the tortoiseshell cat making his way home proudly with a rat in his mouth. I know the pond area has been infested with rats for sometime, and I had heard that there are two cats who are doing a grand job at catching and killing these vermin. I still saw someone throwing bread into the pond even though there are notices asking that no bread should be given to the birds. It is not good for them and the rats find it great to have an easy feed. I did wonder though where the cat was taking the rat, I hope not into his owner’s house.

LITTER PICKING: Last Friday, March 1, some staff volunteering from the University of Sussex went round the village litter picking, cutting back brambles and general overgrowth from flint walls and roadsides and clearing mud and leaves from pathways. A great thing to do and we thank them.

CONGRATULATIONS: To Jeannette and Francis Lacey Scott on the birth of their first grandchild, a little girl called Bonny. We look forward to seeing her in the village one day.