THE WEATHER: Has been wonderful recently, warm enough to be out in the garden most of the day, doing some cutting back and general tidying up for spring. Unfortunately I managed to get a splinter in my ?nger while doing all this gardening, and by the following day my ?nger was quite swollen and hot. We are very lucky to have the small injuries department at Victoria Hospital. I remember taking my boys there when they young and prone to getting into scrapes. I was the one in the scrape this time and after a short wait, I was bandaged up and given some antibiotics.

Friday, 1st March 2019, 8:24 am
Updated Friday, 1st March 2019, 9:25 am
Falmer news

EASTER: We are looking forward to Easter at St Laurence and I am having to order all the special Easter things that we need, a Paschal Candle and Palm Crosses. We are still in an interregnum at St Laurence and relying on the wonderful retired clergy who have been taking our services on Sundays. This Sunday we have Revd Christyan James (not retired) leading our worship.

GEESE: The numbers of geese on the pond is quite low at the moment, the large flocks we see during the winter have disappeared. Last year a pair produced some little green fluffy goslings, but sadly we never seem to have ducks producing young these days. Maybe this year will be different.

ART EXHIBITION: The theme for our Easter Art exhibition this year is Annunciation to Resurrection. We hope to have poetry as well as artwork and are always looking for new contributors. You can contact us via our Art and Soul Facebook page if you are interested.