Fight for regeneration

It has been incredibly hard to put up with the unfairness that is putting Bognor Regis citizens at such a disadvantage.

With the council offices sited in another district who seem to get the cream, we have to fight, especially for the so-called regeneration of Bognor Regis, when most of the citizens don’t agree with the council’s arrogance in practically demanding their plan and if it does not go through they go in a strop and try every which way to delay it.

I do not know how we have kept them in their jobs so long. I’m hoping for not much longer. A few examples such as buses that don’t serve us in late evening but only Worthing, Littlehampton etc, but not the number 60. The Star 2 bus increased from one hour to two hours but not the Star 1 bus. The Sainsbury’s free bus to Chichester went regular and later in the day, but not now – because of the defunct Star 2, it has now been replaced by the numbers 61 and 62 and that bus’ final journey to the new store is 3.30pm. Sainsbury’s is not being served well for people who cannot drive (and there are a lot of us and I am young) and I would have thought Sainsbury’s would agree, especially in the infancy of their store and in such competition to the other local stores.

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This is a very popular resort close to the sea and all of Bognor Regis needs the full service in order to frequent and spend. This seems discrimination in the highest order.

What about the toilets in Marine Park Gardens (so lovely and clean)? They settled last year that they would be converted into a café (as if we want another café) but now we are hearing they are just in discussion. I mean the West Park toilets I frequented not long ago are not fit for purpose, smelly and very dirty.

What sort of reputation are we projecting to the outside world? The sad news the RNIB hotel in Bognor Regis is closing that served the whole community and the country, as it was the first in the country to be built. More than 100 people every day lose their sight in this country and this was their saviour, however they have two other hotels but, you guessed it, Bognor Regis is not the place that should be in their portfolio.

Something has to be done.

Cheryl Haines

Lion Road