Go on, you try it...

It was very nice to read the article on the demolition of the shelter on the esplanade, although I'm not too sure Mr Peacock knows what effect it has on the residents of Kings Court.

I live in Kings Court with the shelter in my direct eyesight.

Most nights there are people using the shelter as a drinking den. Of course, when you have a lot to drink, you then need to go to the toilet – so they use the shelter.

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It’s not very nice to sit there in the evening watching people going to the toilet.

So if Mr Peacock would like me to set up a shelter outside his front window, then drinking and urinating in his full view, to see what it is like, I will gladly do this.

Let’s see how long he will be glad to put up with this sort of behaviour.

Paul Marciniak

Kings Court,

Bognor Regis

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