IAN HART: At least Worthing is having a go

So the long Easter weekend arrived, and despite some awful weather the commander-in-chief and I ventured down to Worthing Lido on Sunday afternoon.

Ian Hart
Ian Hart

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Despite the aforementioned weather, the lido was busy, lots of families were out and the amusements and rides were being well used.

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The lido management also put on live music on the bandstand, with the Juke Box Junkies, one of Worthing’s premier live bands, entertaining a decent-sized crowd from 2pm.

It was a cracking afternoon and the JBJs were in their usual good form, so hopefully the lido will make Sunday afternoon gigs a regular feature this summer.

Note to Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes and Synth 101 –this venue has got your names all over it, so please make sure you hook up with the lido and get some dates in the diary.

When the gig finished, with our friends we ventured towards The Egremont for a late lunch, via Steyne Gardens for my first close-up view of the Worthing Wheel.

A feature like that will obviously attract its detractors, but in my opinion the council should be applauded for getting this attraction up and running.

It’s going to bring people into the town centre, if only for the curiosity value, but that will in turn boost the local economy, which can’t be a bad thing.

Perhaps on this occasion the critics should keep their opinions to themselves – the council has made a move which, according to the majority, is positive, but had they not done anything would some of the same critics be criticising our council for doing nothing?

The wheel won’t be here permanently, but while it is, I hope it gets the visitor numbers it deserves.


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