IAN HART: Is Oprah really a viable presidential candidate?

The US presidential election of 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore had one of the most contentious outcomes in American history and, almost two decades on, debate still rages.
Ian HartIan Hart
Ian Hart

Had Al Gore ended up in the White House instead of Bush, would the subsequent history of not just the States but the world as a whole have been different?

One thing is for sure. In November, if anyone had said that in 20 years time the presidential election would be contested between Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey, they might have been locked up for their own good.

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But after Oprah’s almost-iconic speech at this week’s Golden Globes, it’s the talk of the US, with many commentators suggesting that the idea is far more than idle speculation.

There’s a touch of the old Marmite syndrome about almost every individual that has entered the political arena right around the globe, and none more so than President Trump.

There’s no grey area with Trump – speak to any American and it’s black or white, they either love him or hate him.

The anti-Trump bandwagon, be it talk of impeachment, sexual harassment allegations or the publication of damning biographies, appears to gather momentum on a daily basis.

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I think his rhetoric, especially when engaging in social media dialogue with North Korea, is almost now beyond a joke, and you get the real sense of feeling that the honeymoon is over.

It begs the question of whether he will make to the next election?

As for Ms Winfrey, regardless of any possible political ambitions, her speech at the Globes will live long in the memory of millions of people.

Gimmicks of all shapes and sizes are almost an American export, but whether the Oprah presidency is just that remains to be seen.

But, if – for whatever reason – she did decide to run, it certainly wouldn’t be dull.