KELLY BROWN Mum's The Word...Lovely to see the sun but I'll keep the brolly handy just in case!

Is the sun just teasing us with a guest appearance or has summer really started early?

Whatever the answer I’ve had to do an emergency dig-out of all of last year’s sunshine bits.

Hats, sandals, suncream and sunglasses have been located and used these last couple of weeks thanks to the warmer-than-usual-spring.

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Who would have thought last month I would be worried about my little man getting sunburned in March!

And luckily (and amazingly) things from last year still fit my munchkin.

Perhaps like a wee flower, as my grandad used to call me, my son needs the sunshine to grow because the 12 to 18 months-sized shorts from last summer still fit him perfectly.

And his sun hat too, though granted that was a little big for him last year.

I managed to find one pair of sandals which still fit him – just – which he put to good use at nursery, spending all morning playing outside with the water and sand table. (And getting drenched).

My husband too has managed to dig out his shorts, sunglasses and flip-flops for the garden. And even I have some summer maternity clothes from my first pregnancy and a couple of pairs of flat summer shoes I can wear, although my sunglasses have eluded me!

Suddenly my garden has been transformed into a summer play area after I dug out my son’s little bike and put together his little slide. I have even joined the ridiculously long queue at the recycling centre to ditch all of the bits and bobs from the garden which needed to be cleared away.

At the weekend I enjoyed my first barbecue of the year, which now means I don’t want to return to winter food and roast dinners.

But with (much needed) rain forecast for the weekend have we all got a little too used to the sunshine?

Should we prepare for cold and damp, which means all our sunshine efforts have been in vain? I think I am as confused as my garden, so I won’t pack away my umbrella and warm hat just yet!

** I’m ready for D-Day but is baby Brown?

So Saturday is D-Day – my due date.

I’m still pessimistic about an early (or on time) arrival because my first had to be forced out of my apparently cosy tummy.

Still, my lovely midwife keeps telling me second babies are usually different, so my hospital bag is near the door and everyone on alert for emergency baby-sitting. Let’s just wait and see.