Let's stop this hullabaloo

We are getting closer to the 29 March 2019.

Friday, 21st September 2018, 4:13 pm
Updated Friday, 21st September 2018, 5:18 pm

Every day, one side or other of the Brexit campaign comes out with horror statements or confusion. Legally, to quit the EU it seems we have agreed to pay a £39 billion “divorce settlement”.

However, surely for any divorce settlement, both sides need to get something, not one side expecting payment in return for nothing?

We read and hear about the EU saying that from 30 March next year, the UK will be shut down as no planes, trains (missed out ferries) will seemingly not be able to operate. But why are we subjected to all this scaremongering?

The UK pays over £7.5 billion more into the EU each year than it gets back.

£39 billion as a divorce costs equates to five years “free financing” while the EU tries to resolve its finances – it cannot get its budgets audited.

Soft Brexit, no barriers to trade, jut our sovereignty back, then we pay £39 billion.

No soft Brexit – no deal – no £39 billion - just nothing. Why continue to feather bed economies that rely on OUR surplus funds?

We then use the £39 billion to bolster trade deals and repair the NHS and other UK needs.

We won’t need to build a million houses, as immigration with DNA controls will scare off those who think the UK is an easy touch, we can build up the desperate need for infrastructure, new hospitals, train more GPs, care homes for our ageing population, road and rail improvements, plenty of growth for builders and our economy there.

Why does the EU think it has a strong case, when it’s terrified that other members will decide to opt out if the UK is given a soft exit?

Most other EU states take out more than they put in, that’s why they don’t want the golden goose to escape the cage.

I voted for a Common Market for trade – not to be governed by the EU, where we slavishly follow every diktat yet other states simply ignore what they don’t like.

I want us to have our sovereignty back, no mass immigration from anywhere, DNA profiling for refugees so we know who they are whatever names they use; control of our land and sea territory, legislation and control of our economy.

That puts us back to when we joined the EEC trading partnership, not the step by step erosion of our nation’s rights.

We can pass an EU harmonisation law that allows us to accept what we agree with in EU legislation, yet delete areas that don’t.

Other EU members regularly ignore EU legislation that they don’t accept, so what is wrong with the UK trading with the EU on a similar basis?

Let’s stop all this hullabaloo, ask the EU if they want our money, then a soft Brexit is the only option on the table.

Play around with any threats or difficulties and the deal for £39 billion also goes – they get nothing in return for nothing to help us.

For good measure, boot out Mark Carney and Philip Hammond as the doomsday prophets are just weakening the UK.

We have a strong economy, we did before the EEC and will still have afterwards. Where are Airbus to get their wings from?

We don’t want to be at daggers drawn, the EU was forcing us into a stealth unification, and that was a step too far for me.

End of debate. Take it or leave it, their choice, easy or tough for them to fill the hole in their finances from countries that don’t pay a fair share. They’ll soon pressure Barmier to get our money!

Kevin Regan

High Hedges, Ninfield