LETTER: Dealing with consequences

It sometimes seems that our elected county council representatives spend much of their time dealing with the consequences of national government decisions.

The Conservative government is planning to defund our schools to save money for its educational vanity projects, allow the issue of provision of social care to be loaded unfairly on council taxpayers and cancel vital transport infrastructure investment.

If the electors of Chichester vote Conservative in May’s elections, these depredations will continue. If the Conservatives dominate County Hall again, why would anything change? It would be giving permission for more of the same austerity and underinvestment.

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If Sussex was less secure, then our treatment would surely improve how do we protect local services and prevent our representatives from being ciphers who merely enable poor decisions at Westminster?

My choice is to vote Labour – others my have different choices, but surely, when even some Conservatives have some reservations about their own party’s policies, voting Conservative is an unnecessary, self inflicted injury?JAMES HOBSON

Labour Party member

Hawthorn Close