LETTER: Desperate bid

So Norman Baker has come out of the woodwork again, to peddle complete rubbish about the Conservatives and Maria Caulfield.

In a desperate attempt to bring the Lib-Dems back to power in the Lewes constituency.

The people of Lewes need to understand that the constituency is not just Lewes town, but also the surrounding towns and villages. Lewes does not speak for, or represent the whole constituency.

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Having met Maria on many occasions, Maria is a very hard working MP for the whole constituency. And is very far from being “hard right”. Having worked as a nurse in the NHS for 20 years, she has a serious grasp of the real world, this is just what we all need as an MP.

Yes, Maria does live outside the constituency, one mile outside in Woodingdean. So the Lib Dems have duped the Greens by there “absolute assurance” not to form a post-election coalition with the Conservatives, just duck, another pig has just flown by. If Lewes constituency votes for a Lib-Dem MP we can all forget any money being spent in this constituency to improve infrastructure, such as a very much needed new A27. The A27 trunk road is a disaster all thanks to Norman Baker.

We all need to wake up, we are going to get a Conservative Government, with the possibility of a Lib Dem MP with no clout and no ability to open doors to Government.

Richard Turner

Station Road, Glynde