LETTER: Disappointed

I am disappointed the Express gave Norman Baker nearly half a page to publicise his bitterness and sour grapes (12/5/17).

This failed and rejected politician, who by his own admission was only elected by encouraging other political parties to deny their own members and supporters the opportunity to exercise their democratic choice.

He admits the Lib Dems can only win in Lewes with the help of Labour and then goes on later in the article to villify that party’s membership and refer to their aspirations as a ‘sick and self-indulgent joke’.

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This is typical disloyal Lib Dem political strategy to employ negative and divisive headlines to grab people’s attention.

In the case of his condemnation of the current Lewes MP, he knows full well there are times when politicians must vote according to their conscience and what they believe to be in the best interests of the country as a whole.

Unlike his party who strive for a second Brexit referendum, an act that would shatter confidence in our democratic process and challenge the rule of law that underpins it, their main ploy here is the cynical argument they are representing young people and future generations. Yet they would commit our country to belonging to an organisation that has overseen appalling rates of youth unemployment.

At this moment, in France, one of the most prominent EU members, one in four young people (18 to 24 years) are unemployed.

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Norman Baker represents a party that past experience has shown us is shallow and untrustworthy, led by self-interested people prepared to abandon their principles, renege on promises and manipulate the democratic system just for the sake of getting a moment in the sun.

Raymond Cade