LETTER: Hard to get back on the ladder

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Further to the article by Cllr Peter Chowney on child or rather family poverty, deprived working class peoples of the UK including Hastings suffer from a double disadvantage.

Our open borders allow mass migration of peoples hoping to better themselves while at the same time the countries where in the past we can seek to better ourselves have closed their borders.

I have long called the deprived working class of this country ‘the silenced majority’ because until now any protest at the increasing unfairness of the system is silenced one way or other by those who most benefit. Those identified in a Parliamentary enquiry ‘the main beneficiaries of mass migration are big business and migrants themselves’.

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They could have mentioned others including those condemned by Charles Dickens, himself born into 19th century working class poverty.

Today some commercial and public businesses want cheaper labour or instantly ready skilled and experienced workers from around the world to fill vacancies. We used to train or re-train our own of whatever their previous origin but today once you have fallen off the ladder, as I know from personal experience, it can be one hell of a job to get back on.

How can individuals and families get out of ongoing poverty when interest rates over which they have no control vary individually from a rich £million at two per cent to a poverty £100 at 1,000 per cent?

Borrow at 1,000 per cent or even 40 per cent and the vast majority of your earnings, welfare, and feel good charity contributions must end up in richer pockets.

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On affordable homes I am old enough to remember a promise to build 300,000 houses in a year and seeing a photograph of Harold Macmillan handing a set of keys to the tenants of the 300,000th . Then it could be done so why is it now seemingly impossible?

You uneducated people don’t know how complex it is to leave the EU? I am reminded of the Gordian Knot which all the cleverest philosophers of Ancient Greece failed to untangle. Alexander the Great asked what was the purpose… to allow the cart to move.

He took out a sword cut through the knot and the cart was free to move.

Brian Adams

Ivyhouse Lane


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