LETTER: I'm spreading the word

I would like everybody who reads this to consider it when voting.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 3:28 pm

A few years ago I wrote to my former MP, Norman Baker asking for support to help prevent the threatened closure of the mental health day centre of which I was the nurse manager. Although this was situated in Eastbourne, some of the users were his constituents from Polegate and Seaford. He declined to help in any way, saying this was an Eastbourne matter. The centre closed. He was a Lib Dem MP. I was so disappointed by this lack of support that I decided to vote Conservative in future (Labour never figures in this area).

In 2015, Maria Caulfield won this seat for the Conservatives. In February my husband died in Eastbourne District General Hospital under dreadful circumstances. I needed help to have this matter investigated. I approached Maria Caulfield for support, frankly not expecting to receive much help, due to my previous experience with Norman Baker. Maria Caulfield looked at my complaint and photographs of my husband’s injuries and immediately arranged to meet with the relevant administration along with me and my family.

This meeting took place and I later learned from others that Maria was supposed to be in Parliament for a three line whip vote. She had refused to let me down and had put her constituent first. Remember that when all this was arranged, it was before the announcement of the impending general election. Her actions are what I consider to be, what a true MP should be, no matter what political party they represent.

Maria is a trained cancer specialist nurse and she has shown that despite becoming an MP, she has retained her compassion and determination for those in need of help – and yes she is a Conservative! I want to thank her and let everyone know, because we need to keep this very kind lady as our MP and I will be out there spreading the word.

Merle Phillip