LETTER: Leader's A27 gridlock legacy

I would like to congratulate WSCC Leader Louise Goldsmith on a most spectacular '˜own goal' regarding the A27.

Her interference in the due process of developing a solution to Chichester’s traffic problems has resulted only in derailing the entire project and her enduring legacy will be a massive waste of time and money and a city crippled by gridlock for the foreseeable future.

Everyone who lives, works or travels around Chichester should remember her for this because the move that prompted this cancellation was hers and hers alone.

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She spoke privately to Chris Grayling to ask for a re-run of the consultation before the results were even presented by Highways England and before having put such a move to her council or waiting for an official vote (that came later) and this unilateral manoeuvre triggered a chain of events which led to yesterday’s bombshell for which she should bear personal and professional responsibility.

To this end I call for Louise Goldsmith to resign as councillor and leader and propose that we give the A27 Chichester bypass a name, (so for years to come we can all reflect on why it is that we are stuck in traffic)… how about ’Goldsmiths Way’ ?

Rio Barrett