Letter: Nominations for the worst Hastings roads

Erica BarrettThe Ridge, Hastings

From Her Majesty’s Government to Hollywood, this is the awards time of year.

Therefore I wish to propose a Hastings Award; not a gong for being successful at a job, nor a statuette for being a celebrity, but the Hastings’ Appalling Roads Award Spoons (HARAS).

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At present, Little Ridge Avenue collects the most qualifying points: it is appalling for its entire length and gains extra credits for broken humps and vehicles parked wherever their drivers choose to leave them.

Second prize should go to the short stretch between the Conquest roundabout and the pedestrian crossing nearby. For people already in pain and distress on their way to hospital, this piece of road is guaranteed to worsen any condition.

Dordrecht Way, linking the two sides of Alexandra Park, probably qualifies for third place. Its surface is obviously designed to enhance the rural feel of the park as it resembles a rutted farm track.

My Highly Commended Award goes to the Ridge end of Grange Road, where the various strata of the road’s surface can be fully appreciated.

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Readers may disagree and have their own favourite entries for a HARAS award; I am open to suggestions before ordering any Spoons.

Why spoons? So that filling can be spooned into the abundant potholes that grace almost every road in the borough.