LETTER: Outdoor lido in the High Street

We can only admire our local councillors for their foresight. Since it is the most elevated part of town, it would never have occurred to us to turn Hailsham High Street into an outdoor lido, by shattering outmoded water mains.

High Streets are in decline throughout the country, but these far-sighted visionaries ignored the likes of Donald Trump and sought to adapt Hailsham town centre to global warming, rather than deny it.

Who needs shops, when the jobless masses can relax by the water in the hot sun - lacking the resources to do anything else?

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Our councillors had the foresight to get the High Street open in time for Hailsham bonfire procession, so the present development surely cannot be unplanned.

What further stunning innovations might we expect? An aquatic fireworks pageant next year, perhaps? It could be accompanied by Handel’s Royal Fireworks music; or, perhaps more appropriately, his Water Music.



Hawks Road, Hailsham

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