LETTER: Passionate and eloquent letters

It was wonderful to read the letters in the Chichester Observer from Messrs Moncrief, Dixon, Newby, Hughes-Narborough and Haynes concerning the forthcoming referendum and advocating out.

The letters were both eloquent, informative and above all passionate in stark contrast to the politicians who continue to preach in a monotone doom and gloom for us all should Britain vote to leave. The level of scaremongering almost beggars belief.

John Harmer on the other hand wrote to “stay in and work for change”. His letter was both weak and ineffectual, I would ask him what do you think we gave been doing all these years and just where has it got us?

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We have not been standing still, no we have been steadily sliding backwards while Brussels dictates and demands ever more from Great Britain heaping one humiliation after another on us while our politicians touch their forelocks and meekly say ‘yes sir no sir three bags full sir.

Our politicians are weak ineffectually weak and cowardly lacking the determination to fight tooth and nail for the rights of this once great nation, one only has to observe their body language when in the company of other EU leaders, posturing star struck teenagers comes to mind, is it too much to ask that we might once again be governed by Statesmen and women who have the backbone to stand up a day be counted?

Maura Field

Grosvenor Road