LETTER: Protestors are not all '˜nimbys'

As Arun District Council rest up from completing their version of a local plan which includes a strategic housing plan to build thousands of homes across our small corner of West Sussex, one might be forgiven to assume that ADC will reflect a self-satisfied adminration for what they have produced.

The thousands of protest letters that ADC have received objecting to the outrageous number of homes proposed, particularly in the Pagham and Aldwick areas, has not in any way seemed to have diminished ADC’s desire to completeley roll over to Theresa May and Savid Javid’s demands to saturate our countryside with massive amounts of housing projects.

Whatever happened to the Neighbourhood Plans that hours, weeks and months were spent on by honourable parish councillors?

Now disregarded as though it was only a good thing at

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the time. Why has ADC been so arrogant and contemptuous towards the villages and villagers who have genuine concerns over flooding,

traffic chaos and concreting over thousands of acres of prime food producing agricultural land?

Where are the teachers, GPs, hospital doctors and nurses, already in a supply crisis, going to come from to service the massive increase in population that all this housing is going to create?

Almost all the workplace jobs needed for the huge influx of new residents will be sourced from outside the area to where the housing sites are being proposed.

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The A27 already constantly gridlocked, hundreds of new daily traffic movements will cause even more mayhem.

It is nonsense to dismiss all us protesters as ‘nimbys’, we are the people who have lived in our villages for years and know full well what the outcomes will be should

these proposed huge

building sites get awarded planning consent.

Perhaps the Conservative government, who are applying so much pressure on our councils to capitulate to their demands, should reflect on where their arrogant approach to the last election got them.

Please, Mr Nick Gibb, stand up for the many people who constantly vote for you and please put forward the genuine concerns we have over the ruinous local plan to Mr Savid Javid.