LETTER: Wartime bypass is obsolete

It is imperative that a diverted A27 with junctions near to Old Broyle road and Lavant is built to the north of Chichester.

Successive Governments of all stripes have had policies which now cause vast increases in population in the Coastal strip, easily seen in the thousands of new dwellings completed, under construction or approved particularly around Chichester. All must be supported by much increased economic activity which requires a fit for purpose road.

The wartime standard Chichester bypass is obsolete as part of the south coast trunk road and no amount of road design facelifts or computer generated video simulations showing a laughably low traffic density, that may be found at 4.30am, can change that. Its use should be as a local distributor road only.

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Aside from the economic imperative there are undeniable environmental benefits from free flowing traffic on the A27 and minimising the volume of traffic needing to use residential roads within Chichester such as Orchard Street. Obvious majority support for the new north of Chichester A27 by the local electorate and users of the A27 has been deflected by the no names Build a better A27 group.

On the consultation for the now Havant to Chichester section of the A27 the majority with great foresight voted for a northern route around Chichester, that was thwarted by West Sussex County Council without even a controlled no names workshop group.

Now it appears they will deny the majority again, and with it the much needed economic growth for all, not just the string pulling few, leaving a stain on the Conservative Party which will be remembered for many elections.

Mike White, Exeter Road, Chichester