LETTER: We live in a democracy

Cllr Wendy Alexander (Con) of Polegate, (May 19), clearly wants to silence Norman Baker and the Liberal Democrats.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 1:30 pm

Thankfully, we still live in a democracy and in the land of free speech and that is why I presume the Sussex Express printed Norman’s letter and his comments from time to time but it’s also why Councillor Alexander’s letter was also published.

It’s clear that Cllr Alexander has been doing some research on the Liberal Democrat candidate. Ignoring the wanton criticism, I would say that Cllr Alexander’s research shows that Kelly-Marie has been dedicated to her aim of entering public service for a number of years. By the way, the Conservative candidate also failed to get elected in Caerphilly in 2010, – polling just over 6,600 against labour of over 17,000. The councillor goes on to call Kelly-Marie a girl; I suppose Kelly-Marie should be flattered at being seen as someone of much younger years. Just to clarify, Kelly-Marie works in the charity sector as a fundraising and marketing professional.

Having read Law at the University of Kent, Kelly-Marie previously worked as a Citizens Advice Bureau advisor and Union representative. The councillor’s criticism is that the Liberal Democrat candidate is jumping on the Conservative bandwagon on issues like the A27. If anyone is jumping on the bandwagon it’s the Conservative candidate. Norman Baker campaigned for the trunk road improvements to help the villages. These were similar to the ones put forward last year by Highways England. Maria Caulfield’s new proposals for a motorway style dual carriageway between Lewes and Polegate are completely at odds with protection of the countryside and safety improvements. The councillor also tries to excuse the Conservative candidate for voting for Brexit when the majority of people in the Lewes constituency voted to remain by calling it a ‘private’ matter. That may be the case, but did Maria Caulfield have to go on to join the Brexit Parliamentary committee and vote consistently for Bexit measures in Parliament? What’s happened to the principle of representing all constituents? The councillor’s letter says that Maria Caulfield has worked very hard to get more funding for local schools. I haven’t seen Maria lobbying the county council over their spending cuts on education and school closures, and indeed she has consistently voted in Parliament to reduce local authority budgets.

District Councillor

Vic Ient

(Lib Dem), Lewes