LETTER: Words cannot express thanks

Our daughter Katy has recently undergone an operation (Jubilee Eye Suite) to remove cataracts from both eyes at the same time. Katy has special needs and the operation took place under general anaesthetic, so this was bound to be a traumatic experience for her.

However, it proved to be quite the opposite and this was completely due to the wonderful care shown by Matron Helen Davies and her team.

Dr Trevor King was quite remarkable in the the way he gained Katy’s confidence before the anaesthetic and Mr Kashani kept us well informed before and after the operation. All the nurses, Clare, Bryony and Katie were very understanding of Katy’s needs, which helped make her a little more comfortable with the situation.

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Throughout the whole process we were looked after by Matron Helen Davies who made a potentially difficult day for both Katy and us, more bearable.

Words cannot express how much we appreciated such a caring and professional service from a very special team. Well done to you all and a very special thanks from Katy.

Chris Rose,

The Thatchings, Polegate