Charity goes orange

Wildlife charity Care for the Wild have gone ‘orange for orang-utans’ to celebrate Orangutan Awareness Week (11-15th November).
Care for the Wild go orange for orangutansCare for the Wild go orange for orangutans
Care for the Wild go orange for orangutans

The Horsham based charity supports an orangutan rescue project in Indonesia, where the apes are highly endangered – potentially orangutans could be the first of the Great Apes to become extinct.

Philip Mansbridge, Care for the Wild CEO, and his team are trying to alert people to the plight of the orangutans, and raise funds for their project partner, the Orangutan Foundation.

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“We’ve been seeing orange this week as our new orangutan adoption toys have been running amok through the office while we get them ready for their new parents!”, said Philip.

“On a serious note though, many people probably don’t realise that these remarkable animals are under huge threat, mainly from losing their habitat to deforestation.

“We support vital work to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans which have been orphaned or injured, and we’re very proud of the work being done.

“But the problem is getting bigger, so we need to keep ensuring that all the ape fans out there know what’s really happening – so that’s why we went orange!”

Anyone wishing to ‘adopt’ an orangutan or find out more about Care for the Wild’s work with them can go to

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