Chesworth Farm to hold open day

Chesworth Farm SUS-150722-131243001Chesworth Farm SUS-150722-131243001
Chesworth Farm SUS-150722-131243001
Last Thursday was a wonderful day for a wander round Chesworth Farm as five of our District Councillors discovered.

Cllrs Jonathan Chowen, Godfrey Newman, Brian O’Connell, Kate Rowbottom and Tricia Youtan, Chairman of the Council, came to see two things in particular.

What had happened to the Riverside Fields nearly nine months after the completion of the project and, secondly, the dog splash, which had been created near the bridge across the Arun.

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Three of them were present at the opening of the completed Riverside Fields project and there was no doubt that they were impressed by the changes that had occurred in the intervening period.

Everyone agreed that the view from the boardwalk improved the appearance of the area, whilst at the same time appreciating the positive improvements in the biodiversity of the site.

The new dog splash tended to highlight the continuing erosion of the riverbank on the other side of the bridge and demonstrated that the work undertaken on the Chesworth Farm side made absolute sense.

There was even time for Cllr Rowbottom’s dog to use the dog splash to get into and out of the Arun without causing any damage to the riverbank. Mind you, everyone kept well away from her dog in case it decided to shake itself!

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It’s always gratifying when people, including the regular visitors to the farm, can see the improvements made as a result of the Council and the Friends of Chesworth Farm working together. Why don’t you come to the Open Day this Sunday, July 26, from 10am to 4pm and find out for yourself?

Report and picture contributed by the Friends of Chesworth Farm.