Chichester’s streets need improving

Writes P Hobday, of Bradshaw Road, Chichester

Chichester's West Street. Photograph: Kate Shemilt/ ks20206-4
Chichester's West Street. Photograph: Kate Shemilt/ ks20206-4

I am in agreement with Janet Hood and Sue Treuchau (Opinion, December2) in regards to the condition of Chichester’s pavements.

I’m an OAP with very bad arthritis. Pushing my four-wheeled trolley around Chichester streets is very stressful and tiring, having to look at the pavement, especially around the Cross.

I am in fear of falling and breaking several bones.

In the streets, the pavements are not flat. They slope first one way and then the other. Just recently, I went on a day trip to Winchester. The pavements were flat and it was a joy to walk along the high street and to be able to go into shops with ease.

One thing I noticed was a plaque in the pavement with a picture of a wheelchair on it and the words ‘mobility trail’.

The authorities should put their thinking caps on and change our streets. I noticed your advert – ‘Welcome to the High Street’– which is all very well but what happens if a visitor trips and falls? Will they ever come here again?