Christian inspiration

IN light of the current uproar over the wearing of the Christian Cross in the workplace, I thought the following might be of interest to those – especially here in Sussex – who might want to continue to wear one:

In 1943, a lead tank was excavated from a tributary of the River Arun at Wiggonholt near Pulborough. It dated from the fourth century and bore around its rim the Chi-Rho, sacred monogram of Jesus Christ that pre-dated even the cross as a Christian symbol, proving beyond doubt that a Christian community existed in West Sussex some 16 centuries ago, at the very dawn of the Christian Church in the west.

Now, we are told that Ms Featherstone, the latest in a long line of government-sponsored politically-correct busybodies, wants to ban the wearing of the Christian symbol in the workplace.

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I hope that all Christians in Sussex will be inspired by the antiquity and heritage of their faith in this land and proudly wear their crosses! This is not just an attack on the Christian faith, but an assault on the religious freedom of all faiths, and must be vigorously resisted.

M.P. Nash

Hanover Walk