Cuts will harm visually impaired people

The Government has announced their intention of taking £1 billion from people receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA). This is a benefit that is traditionally used by disabled people to meet their higher costs of living.

The details about how these savings will be made suggest that:

n The DLA care component will be entirely removed from one in five people when they are reassessed

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n People who use aids and adaptations - like a guide dog, or wheelchairs - will have these taken into account to reduce the assessment of their disability.

n No one with a disability will be automatically entitled to DLA, even if they clearly have a severe disability that will not change.

n Everyone living in residential care will have their mobility DLA taken away, taking away independence to see family and putting more strain on adult social services.

We believe that these changes will a large negative impact on disabled people throughout the UK, especially those managing a recent or less visible disability.

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If you or a family member receives DLA then do respond to the consultation on the DWP website before February 14. Or contact your MP to tell them what you think. If you need further information please contact the RNIB on 0207 391 2123.

Christine Ward

RNIB Volunteer Campaigner, Rye.