East Sussex Highways -here’s the right way to fix a pothole

From: Roy HarrisSwift Close, Uckfield

Thursday, 23rd April 2020, 10:19 am
Potholes in Ringmer SUS-200602-073050008

The right way. Cut out the debris from the pothole. Square up the shoulders to key in the tarmac. Tamp the tarmac down and then top it up to the level of the road. Job done.

The East Sussex Highways way. Leave it until things get too bad to leave. Flop in some tarmac and if you feel like it or have the time tamp it down a bit. Wait some months for the rain to wash out the tarmac and leave the pothole as bad as ever.

Watching a programme about the Australian outback on TV I commented to my wife that the roads seemed in better condition than those we have in East Sussex.

But perhaps the local authority in Queensland doesn’t have a chief executive with so little to do that she can take on another full time job - and is allowed by the council to do so. Local government at its best.