Eastbourne DOES have a test to fly Covid facility

From: Fran Boeri, The Piazza, Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne

I refer to Hugh Ball’s letter in the Eastbourne Herald of January 7 regarding Covid testing in order to travel We need a Covid test to fly stop in Eastbourne.

Whilst I agree that it would be very useful to have an NHS paid-for facility nearby, thus benefiting the NHS rather than private companies, I’m afraid he is wrong about the nearest facility being in Brighton.

We travelled to New York in December and had our antigen/lateral flow tests carried out locally by ‘test to fly’ in the Enterprise Centre (upstairs by the Thai restaurant).

Bognor Covid test statiion stock pic by Neil Cooper SUS-210612-112323001

The process was quick and efficient.

I understand they also carry out PCR testing, although this requirement has thankfully now been scrapped for the fully vaccinated.

The ridiculous charges made by these companies though is another debate!