Eastbourne seafront is the last refuge for pedestrians

From: Bernard Colbran, Blatchington Mill Drive, Pevensey

I am deeply envious of Francis Forbes’ renewed cycling experience, as I found there is no better way to exercise and enjoy our countryside Plesae improve life for cyclists in Eastbourne.

However, cycling is quite a risky pastime these days and will remain so especially in busy urban areas.

Plans to provide reserved space for cyclists will often prove impractical, expensive, and impact smooth traffic flow such as it is.

File photo: Eastbourne seafront 17/6/20 Holywell cliff SUS-200617-151339001

All guaranteed vote losers when local elections come along. Recent legislation favouring cyclists riding in the middle of the road is a disaster in the offing and will surely result in motorists taking the blame for any accident involving a cyclist.

A minority of both parties behaves with mind-blowing arrogance and will continue to do so. I will always remember witnessing a group of cyclists riding four abreast through Jevington deliberately holding up traffic in both directions, well-intentioned but exasperating.

We can now look forward to increasing incidents of road rage.

This brings me to my main point. The Eastbourne parades are the last refuge for pedestrians wanting to take a safe walk by the sea.

I am now a wheelchair user and look forward to my trips in the fresh air regardless of the weather, Covid permitting of course.

The lower parade along to Holywell in particular is a haven, disabled folk, children, and dog walkers enjoy vital exercise with an ice cream reward at the end.

I mention these last three because they are the people most likely to innocently ignore any reserved lane for cyclists and scooter riders.

During my last trip along the lower parade, I watched several cyclists weaving through the pedestrian traffic. If this happens while cycling is banned what chance have we if they are allowed in unlimited numbers?

A little common sense wouldn’t come amiss and perhaps gain more public sympathy for their plight.

Cycling on the upper parade to Holywell may be a good idea, presently it’s no better than a dog’s toilet.

A clean-up and resurfacing would make it suitable for two-wheeled traffic.

Sorry Francis, but cycling on the lower parades is just not on!

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