Please find a way to keep the green space of Horntye Park open for Hastings

From: Lesley Linklater, Salisbury Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea

Horntye Park, Hastings SUS-190123-144829001
Horntye Park, Hastings SUS-190123-144829001

The central cricket ground was a much loved oasis in our town centre. Despite great local protest, a shopping centre was built on the site.

Only by moving the ground, we were told, could the future financial stability of cricket in Hastings be guaranteed.

The cricket facilities at Horntye were developed, at substantial expense, on Summerfields, a much-loved open space in Bohemia.

Now we are informed the ground is financially unsustainable. The cricket pitch is to be sold off and money used to update the sports complex – the very building which is the main source of financial losses.

This makes no sense.

The alternative at Claremont is not fit for purpose. It is inaccessible either by foot or public transport and will leave Hastings without a single cricket pitch inside the Borough boundaries.

Our Labour Council (incredibly supported by the Green Party) recently voted for the destruction of the Harrow Lane playing fields.

They must not be allowed to do the same to Horntye.

The people of Hastings have had enough, we love our town and we love the open spaces which give us room to breath.

While sympathising with the problems faced by Horntye, there must be alternative ways to balance the books other than the total destruction of the ground.

Let us know that sense prevails in this matter.

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