Give a ‘thumbs up’ for your Bexhill postie

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Over the last few weeks we have been inundated with messages and pictures from our customers across Sussex in praise of the extra lengths our postmen and women have been going to during the coronavirus crisis.

Thank you to your readers for taking the time to show their appreciation.

We know how much people like to say hi or have a chat with their postie on the doorstep, but during this time, we need to find new ways of staying connected whilst also protecting our communities. This is why we’ve launched our ‘Thumbs-up’ campaign. It’s a simple way for the public to say thanks and stay connected with their local postie, while respecting the Government’s social distancing rules. This safe distance is just over the height of a Royal Mail postbox away. Giving a thumbs up is also a handy reminder not to reach out to try and take parcels direct from your postie to ensure contact free delivery.

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We’ve made it easy for your readers can become involved and show their appreciation. ‘Thumbs-Up’ templates are available from to download, decorate and put in their front windows. The bolder, the more creative and colourful the better. And we’d love to see your Thumbs Up selfies, using the hashtag #ThumbsUpForYourPostie.

We’re really proud of what our postmen and women are doing in these challenging times, and we know you’ll want to join us in thanking them for everything they’re doing. We look forward to seeing your colourful creations, and stunning selfies.