Harry and Meghan should lose Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, readers say

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex should not retain their titles, readers of this newspaper and its sister titles have overwhelmingly told us.

Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Chichester. Pic Steve Robards SR1825140 SUS-190321-170803003
Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Chichester. Pic Steve Robards SR1825140 SUS-190321-170803003

Editor-in-Chief Gary Shipton last week questioned whether Harry and Meghan should retain their royal titles, in the midst of the fallout from their TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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And the response from readers was extremely one-sided, with those penning letters to our West Sussex newspapers calling for the couple’s link to our county to be dropped.

We have collated a selection of the responses we received below.

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Linda Sanderson-Schofield, Offington Drive, Worthing

Although I don’t want to add to the Duke and Duchess’s woes, I don’t see how they can continue to serve this county in the future.

It’s clear that with their move to America, that carrying out any duties that they are invited to perform in this country, let alone in Sussex, would be almost impossible.

However, as The Queen is the only person who can strip them of their titles, I can’t see how the residents of Sussex could choose anyone else.

Perhaps they will see that by keeping the title, they are depriving us of having a more accessible Duke and Duchess and in time, relinquish their titles.

Jenny Leaver, Wallace Square, Petworth

After the excitement of having our very own Duke and Duchess of Sussex, whom we all welcomed warmly, we were saddened to learn from your paper how little they had done to support their county over the last two-and-a-half years.

Clearly, they have been too busy to support Sussex.

Perhaps, unlike Harry and Megan, we should not take offence where none is intended, but we would certainly support a campaign to transfer the title to someone more deserving.

Bryan Cornish, Brock End, Cuckfield

In life people make choices. The Duke and Duchess have decided they can no longer live in this country, and have decided to relinquish royal duties and their representational roles, required as part of the institution on monarchy.

I respect that decision. It therefore logical and entirely appropriate that they should also relinquish their titles as they are representing neither country, nor county.

They have no official duties and thus clearly have no need of a title.

I would like to see a petition started either locally or in Parliament to campaign to remove their titles as I am sure they clearly will not voluntarily relinquish this privilege, to which they clearly no longer have a need.

Christina Harris, Nash Lane, Scaynes Hill

Sadly Harry and Meghan have shown nothing but contempt for the Queen, the royal family, the United Kingdom and Sussex.

They wanted all the perks – but it appears they were not prepared to adhere to the regulations and obligations of royal life.

I initially felt sympathy for Meghan but her performance with Oprah Winfrey was shocking and her ‘truth’ seemed to be a long list of grievances and complaints – and what happened to Harry’s promise to the Queen that he would not do anything that would damage her or the monarchy?

I think that our wonderful county of Sussex deserves better representation, especially as they are unlikely to return to the UK – how about Sir Nicholas Soames, who has served as a much-respected and loved MP for many years and lives in Sussex?

Philip Thomas, Poling, Arundel

It is clear that the Sussexes have left the UK for good; didn’t like it here and don’t have much time for the population – us – either.

Hopefully they will stay away and not return at all, not even for a visit.

The TV interview was the very last straw.

Of course the titles should be removed from them as soon as possible. They are not suitable people to hold them.

The titles should be put on a shelf until someone is found who is worthy of the roles, and, importantly, wants to support the people of this county.

Someone interested in horse racing and/or motor racing in view of Goodwood and Hickstead would not be a bad choice.

Zara Phillips springs to mind but she and Mike Tindall seem to have decided not to accept titles.

Anthony Hoadley, Merryfield Drive, Horsham

I do not think that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should retain their title.

They have publicly, in another country, clearly shown that they wish to cut their ties with this country and therefore can have little or no interest in our county of Sussex.

I do not take this view lightly as I am a total supporter of our royal family, having served the Crown for 12 years in the Royal Air Force followed immediately by 30 years in the Sussex Police.

I am the son of a Sussex tenant farmer and, apart from my military service, have always lived in this lovely county.

It deserves to be represented by someone who has a genuine interest and support for the people of Sussex.