Horsham Weald Beavers join together for a big sing

On Friday October 17, 180 Beaver Scouts (6 to 8 year old boys and girls) joined together with their adult volunteer leaders around a campfire to sing and have fun at the Horsham Scout Districts campsite near Colgate.

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This annual event brings young people together for a big sing with traditional campfire songs dating back to those that Scouts may have learned from Baden Powell himself to modern songs, shouts and choruses.

The evening was rounded off with a sausage sizzle which is another very long tradition of Scouting.

Rowan, Assistant Commissioner for Beaver Scouts in Horsham Weald District, who organises the campfire said: “This is the eighth year that we have held the campfire and it is always very well attended and the Beavers have a great time.

“The adult volunteers, leaders and parents who help, seem to have a good time too.

“It seems that deep down everyone likes to sit around a warm fire and sing songs.

“Some of the Beavers don’t know the songs but they are all very easy to pick up and they are easy to remember. When they come the next year they can all join in so much more and when they become Cubs and Scouts they find that they have something in common with other Scouts that they meet. Singing helps to bring people together.”

It’s always great to hear from people involved in scouting.

This time, an adult volunteer new to Beaver Scouting who was attending the campfire for the first time told us: “The campfire was great, the choir worked hard. The problem for our Beavers was simply that they did not know the words to a lot of the songs. When they knew the words they all joined in and you could see that they had fun.

“I plan to include the learning of the typical songs as part of our programme.”

This year the weather was very kind and the Beavers were able to enjoy being at the campsite.

The event was helped by the Young Leaders (14 to 18 year old Explorer Scouts) who were able to share with the Beavers some of the songs they have learnt during their time in Scouting and handing down a tradition as they go.

Everyone left smiling and whistling!

Report contributed by Emma Williams, Horsham Weald Scouts.