How to support people with dementia

Dementia SupportDementia Support
Dementia Support
From: Steve Nuttall, Park Way, Hastings, on behalf of Music For The Memory; DISC Dementia Support; Halton Dementia Group

Dementia is much in the media at the moment. The diseases that are described as dementia are challenging to live with both for the person directly affected and for their family and friends.

A common consequence is that people can become lonely and isolated. In and around Hastings we have three groups that exist to provide support and companionship to families living with dementia.

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Music For The Memory holds weekly singing sessions in Battle and at other locations in East Sussex.

DISC Dementia Support: Holds three carer support groups each month at venues in Hastings and St Leonards as well as running information courses for family carers.

Halton Dementia Group holds weekly social and singing sessions in Hastings as well as organising coach outings to local venues over the summer.

Our shared passion is to help families live well with dementia. To that end we work collaboratively to help people find the kind of support that best suits them, whether that is with us or elsewhere.

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If we can help you or someone you care about our contacts are:

Music For the Memory – email [email protected]

DISC Dementia Support – call on Emma 07591250988 or Louise 07591251005 or email ​[email protected]

Halton Dementia Group – call Steve on 07847 214961 or email [email protected]

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