One thing I love about Bexhill is its so clean

From: Cara Sandys, The Finches, Bexhill

Bexhill has clean air - let's keep it that way
Bexhill has clean air - let's keep it that way

As a new resident of Bexhill I noticed how clean the town is compared with Southampton, my previous home. The beach here is spotless, the sea water clear and any rubbish is usually because a seagull has pulled it out of a bin.

The fresh air is a tonic after the pollution in Southampton and the town centre and particularly the seafront is often free of traffic. However, as I live near a school, I’ve noticed how many cars pick up schoolchildren at 3.30. As we have no pavement outside, the cars can make it difficult for us to leave home, particularly as my mother uses a wheelchair. But more annoying and incomprehensible is when cars are parked with their engines running. On one occasion, I asked the driver, who already had 2 children in her car, to switch her engine off and she just said, “No”.

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Apart from the obvious issue of polluting the air, why can’t kids just walk home, like we did when we were at school? It was a 30 min walk each way, in all weathers, getting daily exercise. I don’t recall any obese classmates then.

Surely Bexhill is a small town with relatively, safe, quiet streets. Not doing the school run, would take lots of cars off the roads, improve air quality and keep children fit.

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