If you break rules, don't moan if you're caught

AFTER reading the letters in the latest Gazette, I am once again amazed at the lengths people go to in order to have a quick moan.

The issue at hand is not localised, as every week our national media seems to join the merry bandwagon, parking fines and speed cameras!

Parking restrictions are enforced for a reason '” they aren't here as a money maker for local councils and governments.

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They haven't suddenly sprouted up over night, the council even places signs to warn of such atrocities.

Painting two parallel yellow lines on the road costs money, as does the need to remove illegally parked cars, to ensure emergency services can get through.

An extreme measure, but I have witnessed this very occurrence in West Way.

If we choose to ignore the big yellow signs informing us of a speed trap or the yellow clamping signs, double yellows, hatch marking, zig-zags, etc., then expect to get caught.

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If you don't want to pay parking fines or get penalty points, don't break the most basic and simple-to-follow rules.

If the council wishes to employ extra people and generate revenue for the town, superb.

Will it have an effect on our tourism?

The recent quote "Using a sledgehammer to break a nut" is quite apt for the illegal parker who gets caught and then moans about it. How can Seaford and Selsey be compared to Littlehampton?

Russ Doherty

Dean Close


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