It will hurt us all

THE cuts to our local authority ARE going to bite, and will hurt us all, but there is no point in challenging our councillors to

declare whether they are for or against the coalition and the cuts: of course they deplore the situation the last government left us

in and the difficult decisions that have to be made.

Now is not the time to follow party agendas - time and effort must be made to pull together and do the very best that the council can for the local economy and local people.

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Our job as council tax payers is to keep our eyes and ears open to make sure that OUR money is spent wisely and not wasted on pointless consultancies and “jobsworth” decisions that could be made by anyone with half a working brain cell.

The recent severe weather conditions have tested us all. Last week your paper told us that Hampshire County Council has installed 1,300 750kg. salt bins in local communities, with another 600 to follow. East Sussex County Council advises local people to buy extra bins and grit.

Having lived in Hampshire, I realise that it comprises many rural and isolated communities, but I wonder how well the people in Pebsham, as one example, fared during this time - were they left to fend for themselves?

Now is the time for all of us to keep a close watch on what our council is doing and spending on our behalf, and to make our feelings known through this newspaper and our locally elected councillors.

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Perhaps a New Year Resolution for those councillors who blithely continue to do their own thing would be to listen to the electorate. (Those brave few who try to bring a little sanity into the council chamber, ignore this suggestion. You already do!)


Eastwood Road