‘Last Night of the Proms’ concert

The audience at Farlington School was transported to the Albert Hall, with our Union Jacks flying, for Farlington’s Promenade Concert which successfully rounded off this year’s Orchestra Day.
Last Night at the Proms concert at Farlington SUS-150907-154752001Last Night at the Proms concert at Farlington SUS-150907-154752001
Last Night at the Proms concert at Farlington SUS-150907-154752001

The promise from Jane Thomas, Farlington’s Director of Music, of an evening of great contrasts was certainly fulfilled!

The Concert Orchestra, conducted by Paula Streeter, gave two performances during the evening starting with “The Great Gates of Kiev” by Mussorgski, and later giving us a nostalgic medley from James Bond theme-tunes.

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In between these items, the programme allowed Senior School girls, Prep School girls and staff to show their skills in a variety of ensembles, demonstrating just how everyone at Farlington works in harmony together. Wind, string and brass groups performed pieces ranging from classical to ragtime, calypso and popular film theme-tunes.

There were duos and trios offering delicate guitar playing to power-house brass performances, and a splendid “Song for my father” from Razzmajazz, under the exuberant direction of Matt Ellis.

For the finale, the audience were encouraged to participate with great gusto in what can now be said to be the traditional end of year musical “hurrah”!

Everyone stood to bob to the Sailor’s Hornpipe, which gathered pace in its inimitable way. Flags were then waved madly during Elgar’s “Land of Hope and Glory”; then, in true “Last Night of the Proms” style, Olivia Middleton sang the solo verses of “Britannia Rules the Waves” with the audience joining in the chorus.

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A truly memorable conclusion to a great evening of entertainment. Great thanks go to Jane Thomas and Brian Dallimore for organising the evening, and to the staff and girls for their fantastic performances.

Report by Susan Farman. Pictures contributed by Farlington School.

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