LETTER: Are new homes meeting critera?

Having attended the recent public consultations for the Howard Kent and Kingston Wharf developments on the A259, I felt compelled to express my views, and those of many others that I spoke to.

The Howard Kent site, at ten stories, overshadows nearby homes and dwarfs the old lighthouse. As the supposed ‘gateway’ to Shoreham, it would not entice you to progress further.

The three architects who were present defended the brown, oppressive block by stating it was meant to represent the harbour industry. So why not represent the shimmering light off the water, the waves or the fishing fleet? And why were the developers not present so more meaningful questions could be answered?

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Kingston Wharf is also very much a brown, somewhat brutal building of nine stories. But more importantly the A259 between the old lighthouse and Shoreham will become a dark, polluted and congested Benidorm.

The light from the harbour has scant chance of breaking through the long line of tower blocks backing onto the road.

The proposed mitigation measures – car clubs, cycling, travel plans, making the Ropetackle roundabout larger – would do little to decrease traffic or improve the flow.

On the Howard Kent site there will be no right-turn lane so traffic will queue even more. Yet the developers report a ‘negligible’ effect on traffic and air quality and the council has accepted that analysis. We all know that congestion is getting worse and over the last year the council’s statistics have recorded a rise in air pollution. The cumulative effect of 1,100 homes plus commercial properties and an Aldi along the Brighton Road can only lead to a worsening situation.

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Planning Policy Guidance states ‘decisions should aim to ensure that developments will add to the overall quality of the area and respond to local character and history and reflect local identity.’

Certainly the footpath/cycleway along the harbour does that but I seriously question how other aspects of these developments meet that criteria.

Barb O’Kelly

Fairfield Close, Shoreham

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