LETTER: Bypass plan: use it or lose it

I am reluctant to get dragged into the debacle regarding the Arundel bypass, but needs must!

I sympathise to a degree with the poor residents of Binsted who obviously never have the opportunity to leave their idyllic woodland surroundings to meet the rest of the world.

I’m not sure how they get to work, school or shops but they cannot use the same routes as the rest of us. I had a 3.30pm appointment at St Richard’s last week and decided to leave myself plenty of time to make this journey, thank goodness.

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It took me more than half an hour sitting in the queue to make it from Hammerpot to the Crossbush traffic lights. I got to the appointment on time, just, but it was very stressful.

How can this length of hold-up be good for the environment? I could smell the fumes from inside my car.

Perhaps someone could suggest how I could have made that journey without using my car.

Yes, I could have cycled, except I have an arthritic knee and this was not an option.

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People will never give up using their cars as they are convenient and there are very few alternatives.

As it stands, I’m thinking had I tried to get to St Richard’s by public transport it would have been an all day excursion, including quite a long walk – not good for the knee.

This debate has been ongoing ever since my husband and I moved here over 50 years ago. If we are not careful we will end up like Chichester and have the whole thing taken away.

Pam Lovegrove

Lansdowne Road


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