LETTER: Desperate need of ‘forgotten many’

I have read the comments from the (CLA Oct 23) about the need for more houses to be built in the countryside and for consideration to be given to the type of houses for people working in the rural areas who need somewhere affordable to live. This also applies to the villages and towns where there is a desperate need for mixed occupancy affordable rental properties.

Your letters
Your letters

Particularly family friendly accommodation for couples – two bedroom houses with a small safe back garden where they could start a family without having to relocate when a baby arrives and could stay in the neighbourhood where they have grown up. The garden would be a safe area for toddlers to play with the health benefits of fresh air.

The Government is so busy patting themselves on the back at their scheme for Affordable Housing that the people that cannot possibly afford a mortgage because of low wages have become the ‘forgotten many’.

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Checking through the property pages the majority of rentals under £1,000 per month are flats (one bedroom or first floor)...

So these families are caught in a double trap being unable to afford a mortgage and in some cases paying more for their rent.

Although I accept we obviously do need some new people to relocate to our area it would be interesting to know how many in the new houses are previous local residents who by moving from within the ‘town’ released their previous property for another local resident.


Hormare Crescent, Storrington