Letter: Disappointed by visit to Rye

Mr and Mrs FranklinOld Kent Road, South London

We were very surprised and disappointed when we visited Rye for the weekend on Friday, January 12 in coming out of the station and noticing large groups of youngsters hanging around the station and bus stop areas, with some on bikes cycling all over the pathways, and obstructing our walking and being anti-social in their attitude and manner.

We are in our late 60s and felt intimidated by this, especially as a lot of the youngsters were swearing and acting drunk or under the influence of something. Or just being not very nice.

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As we live in a non-tourist part of London, we were very disappointed by what we witnessed and heard, and did not think Rye was such a rough little place. We did notice that in the tourist parts of Rye, the atmosphere and other people were a lot more friendly and nice.

What a shame that these elements, small minorities can spoil a lovely place like Rye. So can we suggest to people who live in Rye, and may have experienced what we did, the local police or wardens walk around early to late-ish evening to have words with these youngsters who should really be better behaved.

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