LETTER: Disgusting loos are an insult

Can anything be done about the distasteful and disgusting toilets beside the museum at Arundel? Here we have a beautiful old town, a Mecca for tourists who deserve better.

Firstly there is the indignity of standing outside in full view while franticly searching for 20p. This in itself is an insult. Inside the experience does not improve.

They must be much harder to clean, since each will have to be unlocked separately and by the same count it is impossible to avoid the less than pristine ones since you do not know what awaits you until inside.

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As for the admonition not to leave children unguarded on the baby change, I would be very reluctant to have a child of mine anywhere near them.

Arundel is a fantastic place in so many ways, surely it can do better than this?

Mrs M.E. Lees

Granville Road


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