LETTER: Dismay at solar farms rejection

I was dismayed to hear that Horsham District Council’s planning committee last week refused all three applications for solar farms in the area, against the recommendations of the planning officer to go ahead in two of the three cases.

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I wonder if the Tory, Ukip and Independent councillors who voted to reject the projects bothered to read the latest United Nations report – ironically published the very same week – which concluded that we will need to triple or even quadruple our use of renewable energy to stand a chance of mitigating climate change in the years to come.

Yet more dismaying was Cllr Circus’ comment that ‘we’re spoiling the countryside for no good reason and we should not be swept up onto this bandwagon of renewable energy’.

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Exactly what kind of countryside does Mr Circus think we shall be left with if we are to follow his irresponsible, head-in-the-sand attitude and deny the effects of climate change? Is the UN’s panel of 200 of the world’s most eminent scientists not enough to convince him?

Perhaps he is simply happy to put off such decisions and leave future generations to suffer the consequences of his and others’ inaction? Or perhaps, given the defection of Cllr Arthur last year, he’s simply running scared of Ukip, with its own irrational hatred of renewables?

Whatever his motivation, Cllr Circus and his allies do us all a disservice. The rest of us will be left to pick up the pieces in years to come.


Liberal Democrat MEP candidate for South East England, Clays Hill, Bramber