LETTER: Disruption from work on trees

As I write this [on Tuesday morning] tree surgeons are pruning trees on Richmond Road, Horsham.

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Your letters

The entire length of Richmond Road and Gordon Road is barred to traffic – including that of residents - most of the day and will be for a fortnight.

The work is being done by a small unit of men working their way slowly along. The only signs shown are ‘Road Closed’ alongside barriers of cones.

The area divides into three sections of road: Gordon Road, Richmond Road down to Gordon, and Richmond Road from Gordon Road to Hurst Road.

Am I missing something or could not the three sections of road be closed one at a time as the work moves from one section of road to another?

Is it beyond the combined wits of the council and its agents the contractors to see this would greatly reduce the inconvenience?

Residents – not wishing to be housebound for a fortnight – are of course using their common sense and shifting barriers to get in and out, not in itself a desirable solution.


Richmond Road, Horsham