LETTER: Easy access to the family doctor

It is a fact that with increasing population and new housing development at and around Broadbridge Heath there is a need for a new surgery / medical centre at Broadbrige Heath, but the planned move of the existing three practices (Orchard, Courtyard, Riverside) would result in inconvenience to the existing 26,000 patients of these three practices.

Your letters
Your letters

I don’t see any reason for their move and I agree with Dr Chris Heath that all these three practices have potential for extension at their present premises as I have been to these practices, and have provided locum medical cover.

The planned Mega Medical Centre at Broadbridge Heath may prove beyond reach for substantial numbers of frail, elderly patients and may also result in administrative chaos, jeopardising continuity of care to patients.

I am an old-fashioned GP and have no idea and don’t know about the intricacies of town planning but still firmly believe in the essence of General Practice, which is easy and prompt access to the family doctor and the continuity of care of patients, which the planned Mega Medical Centre may not provide.


MB; BS DCH DRCOG DPD DTM & H (London), former Holbrook Surgery Partner, Dutchells Copse, Horsham