LETTER: Floodgates must be kept closed

Councillor Vickers was asked at last week’s council meeting (22/1/14) to give a categorical assurance that no more than the 2,500 houses that she already has planned for North Horsham will be built.

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Your letters

Councillor Vickers refused to do so. This begs the question where will the additional 1,000 houses she recently called for now go?

The Cabinet’s plan is already to significantly erode our ‘green belt’ by 15 per cent. Councillor Vickers’ written answer has let the ‘cat out of the bag’.

The public will be right to fear that if councillors Dawe, Vickers, Croft and Rae’s plan for North Horsham goes ahead, by building a 500,000 sq ft industrial park, houses and crematoria, beyond the A264, then ‘Crawsham’ will happen.

Backbench councillors must vote against this flawed plan and not allow the floodgate of development in the ‘green belt’ to be opened.


Kestrel Close, Horsham